Antara kamu, Yunisa KD, dan novel-novelnya

Hello 2019

Yunisa KD • Jan 1, 19 • CoretanTidak ada Komentar


It has been a very long time I did not blog. Well, I still do write long emails to keep me sane, but certainly not drafting nor revising any manuscripts. Big sigh. What a very unproductive novelist post second baby!

Oh well, sometimes when you are mothering two small kids (without nanny or with “almost useless” maids) and still making money, you have to sacrifice your other passion.

This 2019, I want to get at least one novel published. I will dig in my 2014? editor’s notes to revise my Chinese Chiung Yao’s inspired novels. It was the longest technical editorial notes I ever got. When working at Google Singapore with one baby and another one coming, I simply had no time to really digest and decide the technicalities. But now I do miss being a novelist very much, among other things like being slim with size 4 instead of randomly size 6 to 10 (hey, I am never size zero).

Yes, I do want to get really fit with no cracky joints and not “kelemon” again. I really hate many airports officers (yes, it’s plural!) in 2018 always randomly asked whether I was pregnant or not!!! Tampang keibuan or ibu-ibu subur??? 🤨

And my forever slim mother asked me to wear corset until I get my flat tummy back 😎, and my sister-in-law casually said, that’s OK after 2 kids, there is no way we can get our tummy back. Oh well, my mom with way more kids than me is slimmer than me, why oh why? Hello my body, I still want to look good on my last two sisters’ wedding photos 😅


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