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13 Jan 1995

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It was one of my happiest day schooling and I would never ever forget. Let me tell you why.

There were 3 tests on 13 Jan 1995. To most of us, it was supposed to be a nightmare. Which subjects would you study? Given our school was a strict “favourite” Catholic school, our teachers mostly knew no mercy.

I was the one who felt obligated to update class agenda board. I was honest enough to always tell, “Yes we are scheduled to have a test today,” to both fellow classmates and teachers.

I was also the brave warrior princess who negotiate with teachers – I was their pet student, straight A except for sports. (Un)fortunately, the 3 teachers on 13 Jan 1995 were non-negotiable.

In Jogja, we have to learn Javanese language, and I was not that good – I memorized all the vocabs 3 tiers, the names of animals offsprings, idioms, but it was never enough. Javanese ha na ca ra ka – has so many rules, and my teacher who was also my mother’s teacher always managed to come up with questions not found in text books. I score so many 8s and 9s, but never the perfect 10.

It may sound pathethic that I wanted so badly to score a perfect 10 once on Javanese test. And I did it on 13 Jan 1995. Once is enough. I know my Javanese would never be as good as my Javanese great grandma or even my mom who is still actively speaking Kromo Inggil to elderly.

The other two tests, economic and mathematics were easy-peasy for me as I did love those two subjects (and teachers, Bu Dewi Kunthi and Bu JuLan/Bu Lanny).

13 Jan 1995 was one of the happiest day(s) in my life. I score 3 perfect 10s. It was that easy to be happy. That is why I never hate the number 13. For me, 13 is lucky.

PS: I never got another perfect 10 for Javanese test. It was one and only that Bu Kin “forgot” to issue non-textbook questions.


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