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Abundant Food

Yunisa KD • Jan 14, 19 • CoretanTidak ada Komentar


Throughout my life, I am surrounded by abundant food. Thinking back, both grandmas experience wars – Dutch and Japanese occupation. They often told me if food was not plenty.

Despite I never experience hunger, I was raised not to waste food. Both grandmas and my parents taught me to appreciate the effort of “food chain providers” from farmers, distributors, and the cook.

However in the US I feel that people eat too much and waste too much. No wonder obese is a trend.

When I was working in US MNCs, food is just a few steps away from my cubicle. Every single time. Gallup, Apple, Google. My parents commented: truly, you will never lack of food – both at home and office. But I gained weight because of sedentary lifestyle (and 2x pregnancies), not because of overeating. “Eat in moderation, there is always another chance to eat again.”

I give thanks for always being fed well. But I still don’t like people who waste food.


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