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Roma – for Oscar 2019

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Well, I do have a fun job so far – paid to tell my stories, paid to play games, paid to watch movie, paid to test new phones, paid to record my voice, paid to act on TV.

(This is a 1-day-late post).

Yeah 17 Jan 2019 I spent watching ROMA for a project. Despite it is black and white, I like the plot. It is based on true story of the director, Alfonso Cuarón, Mexico City early 1970s.

ROMA – Alfonso Cuaron

The domestic maid is truly part of the family. From waking up the children to night prayer before they sleep. And the grandma, mother, all children love her.

I don’t think such dedication still exist nowadays. Post marriage, I feel that almost all of domestic maids nowadays only want money with no work, alias “makan gaji buta”, free food, free Wi-Fi, and free lodging alias “ngekos gratis”. Even office workers have longer hours than maids at my home.

There are times when my home is dirtier with 4 maids than without or with only 1 maid. Most of them are crazy about men – security guards, postal couriers… perhaps that is why they are already married several times in their 20 something age.

Back to ROMA. Spoiler alert.

Cleo the maid was left pregnant by her first boyfriend. Classic. The employer was going through divorce but she still employed Cleo and brought her to gynae, baby shop, and the grandma even rushing her to hospital when the water broke. The grandma cited Hail Mary prayer in the car, holding Cleo’s painful early birth process.

Cleo on the other hand saved the two youngest children when they were drowning.

You can read here for the film making process and I conclude no wonder this movie is so touching and natural.


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