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It was network problem. He has reported it. Phew. Finally he replied my email!

But by all seriousness, I should draft a proper email and told him what I want to say – although they are not big things and perhaps really trivia – the things I should have told Suhu Gede or even Pak Harry who was worried about me and was waiting for me to say something.

1. Thank you for being there for my dad especially 10 years ago, when I kept telling him about my big family and I hate almost all of them and they hate me (and my world-class achievements). Those who kept bullying my parents for years etc etc. Long rants, full of raw emotions.

2. About a cousin, the preacher’s wife who claimed you are her church friend LOL. This becomes a big laugh for my family. Didn’t she know that you are not Christian? That’s one of my sentiments in life – I have never known a good preacher’s wife. Normal congregation behaves hollier in real life than those of religious professions.

3. General topics to share with Tante Jo as well:

Great British Bake Off

• Great British Bake Off or Great British Baking Show in Netflix for US – original by BBC Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, followed by Channel 4 Prue. Must see, nice people, very friendly competition ending up in making lifetime friendships among the bakers.

• Do you know that Yamaha Junior Music Course in London has piano classes for 4-5 years old?

Junior Music Course in UK, belajar keyboard bukan Electones

• I am being bullied by my kids for answering correctly in Wheel of Fortunes!

Wheel of Fortune

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