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Cherry Blossoms in Yokohama

Yunisa KD • Mar 19, 13 • NovelNo Comments

Sakura Bersemi Di Yokohama *OUT OF PRINT*
With a background in the time of Meiji Restoration, Yuki, the baby who was exiled in the middle of the snowstorm, found her first love for Shinichi Serizawa.However, Shinichi decided to accept the arranged marriage with Masako Satsuma in order to repay the help from the Satsuma family that rescued the Serizawa company from closing down.
Though in fact Yuki was…

The involvement of Keiko Hattori, Shinichi’s former fiance, the appearing of a well-known playboy, Dr Toru Toshiyuki, as well as an old friend, Takuya Tosha who also fall in love with Yuki, made the situation increasingly complicated…

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