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Schoolaholic Princess 1 – The Miracle Boys

Yunisa KD • Mar 19, 13 • NovelNo Comments

Schoolaholic 1: Miracle Boys

Nana is the best graduate from Bintang Emas Middle School. Pretty, smart, sociable, and fun, Nana is liked by a lot of people. The super girl is able to get rid a lot of old school myth that a scholar must be a bookworm with thick glasses.

“Nana gets into semifinal!” Heni screamed histerically.

The three girly girls and Big 7 gang plus Dian and the whole girls in 3B castle screamed euphorically while I’m still looking blank in fron tof the castle. Aji, Rangga, Surya, and Cipto also were cheering. Just like cheerleaders!

“Nana!” Heni called me with her sexy voice. “You got into semifinal! Why are you so quiet?”

“Semifinal? What semifinal? There is no more competition in the last three months before National Exam, isn’t it?”

“OMG, Nana!” Susi said loudly. “This has nothing to do with schoo!”

Heni is pointing to something.


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