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Memory and Destiny

Yunisa KD • Mar 23, 13 • NovelNo Comments

Memory and Destiny
Memory and Destiny. Love story across worlds. Does the imaginary friend really exist? Or is it the guardian angel of children?
Maroon Winata, prospective doctor, believes that her Donald really exists. From their first meeting at Westminster Abbey, on the last day that little Maroon spent in London, until she arrives in Jakarta, and struggles to adapt from English to her mother tongue, Donald is really a friend for both playing and studying.
Adult Maroon and Donald met, but they haven’t found the link to their past memory. Fate plays cruel game on them. Then the handsome and rich David comes into Maroon’s life. He believes destiny has made him find Maroon. Memory and Destiny in Maroon’s life will show that God made everything beautiful in His time.


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