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Schoolaholic Princess 2 – Romance of Singapore

Yunisa KD • Mar 23, 13 • NovelNo Comments

Schoolaholic Princess 2 – Romansa SingapuraNana is the best graduate from Bintang Emas Middle School. Pretty, smart, sociable, and fun, Nana is liked by a lot of people. The super girl is able to get rid a lot of old school myth that a scholar must be a bookworm with thick glasses.
All of sudden he moves and catches me from the back. There is no more distance between us. I feel the warmth of Phil’s breath and how strong the muscles on his body. I got goose bumps feeling Phil’s soft breath.
Softly he whispered to me “Be My Honey!”
My heart beats so fast and I feel my face flushing. Phil slowly moves his lips towards my ear. I can feel the sensors on my ears are becoming sensitive, “Would you….”
He looks deep into my eyes. The eyes so serene like a calm lake. I can feel the warmth of his breath on my face now. His face draws closer to mine, so close, and with his eyes closed, he moves his lips closer….


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