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Obsession and Déjà vu

Yunisa KD • Apr 15, 13 • NovelNo Comments

Obsesi dan Deja vu
Olivia unknowingly shares the same experience that her sister, Maroon Winata, had at the age of ten. This time, the wandering soul searching for his identity is David Tanaka, Maroon’s ex boyfriend. Later on, David re-enters Olivia’s life as a real person. Olivia gets irritated when David starts dating Sephia. Wanting to get even and his attention, she secretly dates her classmate, which surprisingly triggers a huge anger from David. The fact that David hasn’t proposed to Sephia yet makes Sephia realize that David cares more about Olivia than her.

Is this a Memory, Obsession, Déjà vu, or Destiny? That’s what is the mind of Maroon, Olivia, and David. Will history repeat itself? Or is it his deep loving memory for the elder sister that causes David to finally fall for the younger sister?


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