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Draft My Ex is Prostitute

Yunisa KD • Apr 23, 13 • ScribblesNo Comments

“I know that evil people like Lisa and Janie will never apologize. Expected. But at least I got an apology from Armand on her behalf. So for this case, I’ll be satisfied if her husband, her in-laws, or her parents would apologize to me”

“But it is crazy when you think about it, that she rejected a letter from lawyer. Plus she wants to see the content but doesn’t want to sign a receipt. What a Drama Queen! If I were her, i would have accepted the letters and go for mediation. Rather than going to court and risking to publicly embarass myself although she doesn’t even know who you are.”

“Wait a minute, Tha,” I interrupted her. “That’s the scenario if the actors are people with sound mind like you. In the first place, sane people will not insult a person whom they don’t even know.”

Margaretha laughs heartily hearing my comments. We continued to eat our lunch under the torching sun of Singapore.
Draf #MyExisProstitute

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