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Mother’s Day Poem (Won $200 Clinique Hamper in 2006)

Yunisa KD • May 12, 13 • ScribblesNo Comments

The second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day in many countries. I seldom write poems. In fact, I only write poems when I am inspired and in the mood to be a poet 😛
Celebrating Mother’s Day in Singapore today, I would like to share my old poem that won a $200 Clinique hamper in 2006.

A tribute for Mother

Struggling between life and death, she gave birth to me.
With patience as deep as the sea, she taught me 123 and ABC…
She gave me strengths when I was bullied.
She said, “Don’t hear them. Trust me, you are brilliant.”
Fortunately, I heard her.

She is pretty, she is smart
I should thank her for that part,
aside from the invaluable values I was brought up.

Growing up, sometimes she is worrying too much.
But I know, deep down in her heart,
she always loves me no matter what.

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