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Proactive Approach

Yunisa KD • Jul 10, 13 • FAQNo Comments

The most frequent feedback that I often got from my readers throughout the years is about the frequency of my new novels. I realize this problem. Some of my fans even pursued my editors for the launch date of Obsesi dan Deja vu much more fervently that I did. (Muach, you know who you are).

The same happened to my soon to be published novel, Sepotong Kata Maaf (Worth of a Sorry). I just left it in the hands of my senior editors until my husband challenged me to win Galaxy Tab for him (sorry darling, didn’t win hahaha). And I took my husband’s reminder on that manuscript as a warning that my bet on the diamond is in danger!!! So I quickly took action, and sent that manuscript to #PSA Grasindo.

Frankly, I do have an inventory of my manuscripts – but this is useless if I don’t act on it myself. Borrowing the term that I heard from Preacher Chandra in GPO church last week, TATO = Talk and Talk Only. I realize, if it is not me, who else is going to sell my manuscripts to the publisher?

So, my dearest readers, with this post, Yunisa promises to be more proactive, in selling manuscripts, monitor the progress of the novels publication, and to share with you all – through novels and philanthropy of my royalties. Yunisa is also serious about going global. If God permits, I hope it will happen next year.

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