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Live interview in Twitter, Friday, 19 July 2013 at 17.45 SGT (16.45 WIB)

Novel : Sepotong Kata maaf
Author : Yunisa KD

1. #FridayTalk Hai @yunisakd, what are you busy with recently ?
@grasindo_id Busy at the office due to manpower crisis and at home busy playing with baby 🙂 #FridayTalk

2. #FridayTalk Novel #SepotongKataMaaf in your eyes @yunisakd ?
@grasindo_id Changing negative experience into a positive impact to many people #FridayTalk
@grasindo_id because 100% royalty is for Indonesian Red Cross #FridayTalk
@grasindo_id Writing is turning one’s worst moments into money — J. P. Donleavy. #FridayTalk

3. #FridayTalk @yunisakd Can you tell us a little about #SepotongKataMaaf ?
@grasindo_id Seven stories, one constant. A story about Lisa, who is unwilling to apologize #FridayTalk
@grasindo_id despite being reminded many times because she has ruined a once-in-a-life time moment. #FridayTalk

4. #FridayTalk In your eyes @yunisakd , who is the most interesting character in the novel? What is your reason?
@grasindo_id Lisa, because she remains the same in every dimension, she still likes Jeremy #FridayTalk
@grasindo_id and she always died (killed by the author hahaha).*Just kidding. #FridayTalk
@grasindo_id The most interesting character is Jeremy, because from his adventures across dimension, he learns what his life priority is #FridayTalk

5. #FridayTalk Is there any “True Story” that becomes the background for writing this novel #SepotongKataMaaf ?
@grasindo_id Yes, this is my personal experience. #FridayTalk

6. #FridayTalk Is there any specific reason why you use love stories theme in your novels @yunisakd ?
@grasindo_id Romance is the most common genre written by women for women (men can read, too :P) #FridayTalk

7. #FridayTalk The bad and good things when you @yunisakd tried to finish wriitng #SepotongKataMaaf ?
@grasindo_id I was crying badly when writing this book. How in the world, I was acquainted with a girl like Lisa… #FridayTalk
@grasindo_id The good thing was when writing the plot how Lisa will die in the book #FridayTalk
@grasindo_id It was just like a famous quote : Don’t annoy the writers. They may put you in a book and kill you. (Anonymous) #FridayTalk

8. #FridayTalk What are you @yunisakd trying to say to your readers through your novel #SepotongKataMaaf ?
@grasindo_id Being courteous is very important #FridayTalk
@grasindo_id Don’t be stingy with the word “sorry”, especially if you have been reminded #FridayTalk
@grasindo_id Don’t be like “Sorry seems to be the hardest word” (Elton John) #FridayTalk

9. #FridayTalk Can you share a little tips on writing novels @yunisakd ?
@grasindo_id Don’t give up. Whenever you have an idea, write it down. #FridayTalk
@grasindo_id How you will sew the story, you can think about that later. #FridayTalk

10. #FridayTalk What is your next plan, @yunisakd ? Will you write another novel?
@grasindo_id My next plan is “going international” with my humanitarian mission #FridayTalk
@grasindo_id starting with the translation of #SepotongKataMaaf and a new manuscript #MyExisProstitute. #FridayTalk
@grasindo_id The royalty of these two novels all will be donated for humanitarian charity. Let’s pray that this philantrophic mission will succeed. #FridayTalk

That’s all #FridayTalk today , thank you @yunisakd for your time to have this #LiveInterview with us 🙂

Thanks to the admin of @grasindo_id and all who have followed #FridayTalk – remember, buy #SepotongKataMaaf = donate Indonesian Red Cross

@yunisakd We are waiting for your works and we hope your noble mission will succeed. Amen… Happy break fasting 🙂

Please stay with us, while break-fasting, there is a quiz #KuisGRASINDO #FridayTalk10 , there are 2 books for you #SepotongKataMaaf 😀

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