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7 qualities to become a fiction writer (by Roald Dahl)

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Facebook Notes 15 September 2009 , 18.29

1. You should have a lively imagination.

2. You should be able to write well. You should be able to make a scene come alive in the reader’s mind. Not everybody has this ability. It’s a gift, and either you have it or you don’t.

3. You must have stamina. You must be able to stick to what you are doing and never give up, for hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month.

4. You must be a perfectionist. You must never be satisfied with what you have written until you have rewritten it again n again, making it as good as you possibly can.

5. You must have a strong self-discipline. You are working alone, no body is employing you. No one is around to give you the sack if you don’t turn up for work, or to tick you off if you are start slacking.

6. It helps a lot if you have a keen sense of humour. This is not essential when writing for grown-ups, but for children, it’s vital.

7. You must have a degree of humility. The writer who thinks that his work is marvellous is heading for trouble.

Quoted from The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar n six more

Personal note:
Well, I am aware that I am no joker and not everybody gets my joke (because it needs certain IQ to get what the funny things I am trying to tell you, and so far, only certain people with certain exposure find me very funny, thank God for that).

I know my writing is too dramatic for most common-sense people… and I have been in trouble without parental support… (hence I need a supportive husband)… But I’d like to think that everything in my life happens because He wants it that way.

When I get an inspiration it means He gets the angels busy transfering their heavenly vibes to me the way that they have inspired Michaelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci or even William Shakespeare 😀

I told my sisters and best friends, sometimes I sorta see the scene(s) (just like in a movie) and I have the urge to write it… and I can’t help laughing when I write it, as if I can imagine how the readers and everyone who will watch it filmed will laugh or cry or curse… just because I can play with their emotions in that scene.

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