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Draft My Ex is Prostitute – originally in ID

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It’s a vain, vain world

“They think by blocking us, nobody else can find out who they are? Don’t they realize what is the consequences of doing such insolent act against us?”

“Well, those two psychopaths are idiots, for sure. You just put facebook address plus a slash and then followed by their name, you’ll most likely find them. It is normally their first name dot last name or first name and last name joined together. Everybody can see that their facebook is still active.”

“Yup, vanity URL. No matter how much they lock it, so only their supposed friends can see it, everybody still know who they are. And so many other social networks out there, take linkedIn. Just search for their name, and their positions. People like them, most likely holds title of Senior System Analyst or Business Analyst, and boom, there you go, you find out where they work. Graduates from computer science with just about that level of intelligence can’t possibly have other positions. Even more so now that there are so many fresh graduates that are more knowledgeable and up to date with technology, and cheaper than them to boot. No fight at all.”

“Yabsultely!” Mr Popper gives his agreement on the TV which is playing Mr Popper’s Penguin.

Human and Apes
“Can an ape scheme an evil plan?” she asked when we entered The Origin of Human part of National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian complex. She looks intensely at various models of humanoid skulls, which apparently starts from the ape like line of mammals.

“I suppose not,” I quipped. “Monkeys and apes will fight only for banana and peanuts, AT MOST!.”

“L O L. Well, frankly I think so too. The flirt and the prostitute are definitely much much much more evil compared to any monkey alive!” she laughs spontaneously. “They can have similar face with these monkeys, BUT,” she added, “behaviour…. they are way worse!”

I laughed so hard at her remarks, a good joke to start the new year.


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