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Creative Process of Worth of a Sorry

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Those who have read #SepotongKataMaaf might realize the uniqueness of this novel: there are so few characters.
And there is only antagonist: Lisa Hisman
The victim of this antagonist character (not an antagonist himself, but “blinded” by love): Armand Santos
1. Jeremy Soebroto
2. Dewi Saraswati Galuh Oetomo
3. Roger Gunawan

Throughout the novel, I used 3 points of view. Anticipating not to get any protest, I wrote clearly (using *), whose point of view it is at the moment 😛

The main point of view is Jeremy (main character who finally “learn something”). Secondly, of course Dewi (who “opened” Jeremy’s eyes). While Roger is giving the point of view of “viewer”…

As I wrote on the cover of this book, yes, this novel is inspired from real story. The email correspondence is real (edited for typo, punctuation, etc.). And surely, the character of Armand and Lisa is 100% real. How painful it is for Armand because Lisa, the woman whom he loves deeply, still loves another guy (Jeremy), even up to her death.

So for those who says girls are the only victim of love, they are wrong. I saw and experience myself: Armand is a victim of love. Flirty Lisa is very good at “avoiding” blame so that Armand must swallow his pride as a guy 🙁

And you as reader must have hated Lisa a lot, right? (the input that I got from several reader who tweeted or Facebook comments). Although, if you really look at it, this Lisa character doesn’t have much appearance in this novel, and very few dialogue if any. Almost negligible really. However, the reader’s emotion is still stirred strongly by this Lisa Hisman character. Why is it so? The answer that I can think of: Well, maybe because I write my story straight from how I actually feel. So write from your heart.

Readers should also know that the writer really hates the Lisa Hisman character. The first motivation in writing this novel is to change something bad to something that can benefit a lot of people. From the beginning, I have made up my mind to make money out of this and donate it for philantrophy. So, when I write this story, even with blood tear, cursing, I’m planning the plot. Live and death of human is in the hand of God. But as a novelist, I have my author’s prerogative right: write about antagonist character, and kill her as and how I deem fit. (So, be an author!)

In Javanese tradition, number 7 is sacred – pitu, pitulungan (help), as I wrote in the novel. So I decide to “kill” Lisa seven times. I start making list: how people die. And from there, I start to weave my scenes around it. Keep changing the death sequence in between – until I feel “comfortable” and satisfied. It fits perfectly!

The “backbone” of this novel #SepotongKataMaaf is Lisa dies seven times in seven dimensions. There is no outline or anything like it. Just keep writing. Yup, I’m not a systematic writer. I write as I like, moody, and “precise” (as it is). Everybody has different style in writing. Don’t be afraid to be different! Keep writing!

PS: This Lisa Hisman character still has part in a sequel, another novel that is still a work in progress… Well, for an author, I think it is common that once you “got” one character that you can develop, the idea for stories will never end 😀


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