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Different Place/Publishers, Different Experience

Yunisa KD • Mar 3, 14 • ScribblesNo Comments

If I still have some energy left, I will upload photos from Yogyakarta & Surabaya talkshows tonight.
Post talkshows, I was not feeling well (diarrhea – vomiting). Following that, I was fully with projects $_$ so I only read in a glance the revision points from a senior editor… And then my babysitter was MIA when we brought her back to Yogyakarta (Rina said, not surprising, typical babysitter), so for more than a month, I feel like being a supermom (left hand carrying baby G, right hand typing office work until the HR asked me to go home hahahha)…

Frankly speaking, Yunisa is not satisfied with how the talkshows are conducted by GPU-Grasindo team. Based on my chit-chat with an ex editor in Kompas-Gramedia group, he explained that every single book store of Gramedia acts independently. If the store manager is “dilligent”, the HQ order will be executed. In reality, how many Indonesian human resource has that level of competence? (From my own work – auditing open-book test to find new team members for my office work, I really want to cry!!!)

Aside from different servuce from each bookstore, the hosts do vary. Please imagine if your host only read my book one night before the event. Or even he/she never read my book at all! (in Yogyakarta, both were from Sonora radio).

In the past, I did go for Schoolaholic Princess trilogy promotion with Andi Publisher. Different marketing manager in different area (I went to Riau, Tangerang, Yogyakarta) – all of them really were dilligent in following up to each Gramedia bookstore, respectively. I can feel the difference when the marketing manager himself goes down to each bookstore.

Hmm, I am curious if I publish under under Gagas Media, how will it be? it seems that their promo team works harder than Kompas-Gramedia…

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