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Late Report: Meet & Greet Gramedia Sudirman Yogyakarta

Yunisa KD • Mar 12, 14 • NewsNo Comments

Monday, 23 Dec 2013, 15.00-17.00 (it was late!)
Host: Wina of Sonora Radio

First of all, because it was held at the parking lot having book sale event, it was stuffy. I am used to air conditioned room – my workplace is full air con. One thing that annoyed me the most is the missing banner – it took at least 15 minutes to bring it to the venue :O Hey, banner, who stole you?

Not my first talkshow in Gramedia Sudirman. I had Schoolaholic Princess (Andi Publisher) in the past, but it was held indoor, at level 2, full of Air Conditioning, no missing banner. And let me tell you, it was such a good experience because 1-hour event was very interactive, and when I stopped talking for a few times due to signing autographed books for buyers in rush, the host (the editor from Andi) can tell the audience about the contents in my books.

This time around, Wina said that she has not read the novel she took over from Glenn (OMG, again, a host of book talkshow who never reads the books!) and sorry to say, Wina could not match Glenn’s ability in hosting a book talkshow. I think I am fair enough here: if you are hosting my book talkshow, you must have read my books. If you haven’t read my books, make sure you are a smooth talker!

Well, Yoga did his best to organize, but Sonora Radio DJs perhaps are not committed enough to read the books before hosting a book talkshow. Plus there was a missing banner mystery (do I sound like Enid Blyton’s title)…

PS: My husband was upset because the event did not start and end on time and the host was not as good as the one in Amplaz. And because baby G and he were feeling so hot.

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