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Late Report: Meet & Greet Gramedia Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya

Yunisa KD • Mar 22, 14 • NewsNo Comments

Sat, ; 28 Dec 2013 ati Gramedia Tunjungan Plaza, Surabaya, 18.30 – 19.30 WIB
Host: Miss Widi

At the beginning, Miss Widi was accompanied by Dewo? (he was the most handsome Gramedia book stores I’ve ever encountered so far hehehe). Both of them were promoting the event before it was started on time at 18.30. As usual, I came 15 minutes earlier to monitor whether the committee was ready. Surpise, dear readers. Kompas Gramedia Surabaya team deserved all applause. Banner was set up properly, host has read the book… Speaking of which, I still owe Miss Widi an autographed copy. Sorry, I may ask for someone in Jakarta later to help about this.

I only knew that the marketing team of GPU Surabaya is quite stingy to their own team member (psstt). Can you believe that my books were”on loan” to Miss Widi. Please compare to Sonora FM in Jogja who got my books (and they did not read them!). What an irony.

Because she has read the books, the event went well. Although those Surabaya people commented that the mall was very quiet compared to normal Saturday nights, it must be end of the year, so Surabaya people are out of town… (I come from Jogja, so I cannot comment hehe).

Side note: After the event ended, my parents-in-law picked us up, but our old babysitter acted strangely. She demanded to my mother-in-law that she wanted to fetch me, carrying my sleeping baby! Come on, where is the logic? The baby has already slept soundly, she forced to carry her, just because she wanted to paint the town red? That was really one bad sign.

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