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Late Report: Meet & Greet Gramedia Ciputra World, Surabaya

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Sunday, 29 December 2013 – Gramedia Ciputra World, Surabaya, 15.00 – 16.00 WIB
Host: Ms Widi

The microphone was faulty (again)! So Gramedia Ciputra World must borrow the one in Gramedia Tunjungan Plaza. The event was postpone for about half an hour. Despite the courier has been dispateched at 1pm, he was very late returning to the venue. :O

This was the most special event in my perception. Yes, the watchers mostly chose to stand around instead of being seated at the available chairs… but there was a man, around 50+++ years old who threw me a question (and bought my novel Sepotong Kata Maaf, but he did not get a chance for an autograph, I can’t remember why. I think the staff in charge did not stop the Q&A session).

Why was it special? Because of their questions 😉 My guess was most likely, they were sort of acquainted to either the family of Lisa Hisman tok or Arman Santos :O Oops… Yeah, what can I say? You can easily find photos of pre-Wedding Lisa and Armand via Google… Even more I was in, Lisa’s home town. I believe the world is closely knitted.

“Hello Uncle and Aunt who bought my novel!” ^_^

And those elders agree with my principles: as an Indonesian, wherever we are, we still need to practice Eastern values. If you are Indonesian but your behaviour is like Singaporean Chinese, don’t make an excuse, why you told a preacher: I did not know that I am not allowed to keep touching the groom without Congratulating the bride. That was what Lisa did – she did not miss a big chance, moreover Armand was not present (Armand was then-fiance, now-husband).

Those elders also gave me an applause because of my principle: to change all bad things, those that made me sad, angry, mixed up, into something useful for many people (for Sepotong Kata Maaf – 100% royalty donation for Indonesian Red Cross).

There were many curious women asking me questions. There were some questions that were asked in every event in Surabaya (I totally cannot recall who asked and where did she ask hahahha):
1. Are Lisa dan Armand now married?
Hmm, as far as I know, they are still married. Remember, Armand comes from a strict Christian family who will not get “divorced”.

2. Is Lisa really dead just like in the novel?
Of course not. Lisa and Armand are still alive.
Yes, although people say they seldom appear at church for unknown reasons wakakakka 😛 *opposite the writer of this novel, you can find her inside the cry room (baby’s room) – both for English or Indonesian service).

3. How long did you take to write this novel?
About a month, One of my novels that the writing process was quite fast. .

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