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Late Report: Meet & Greet Gramedia Expo Surabaya

Yunisa KD • Mar 27, 14 • NewsNo Comments

Saturday, 4 January 2014 – Gramedia Expo, Surabaya, 18.30- 19.30 WIB
Host: Miss Widi

Actually my husband suggested me to cancel this event last minute because I am still recovering from diarrhea and vomitting. But I insisted that I am a pro, I won’t cancel last minute.

The location of this Gramedia book store is inside a specific building in a CBD, there is no other point of interest in that building. And it was Saturday night, raining hard, so who will go to a bookstore? Moreover, Surabaya was also flooding! (At least the flash flood was up to knee-high for certain pathways to this venue. The Meet & Greet Surabaya Expo team member who rode a motorcycle was soaking wet despite wearing a raining coat.

Conclusion: with such location and heavy rain, it was not bad that there were people attending the event 😛

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