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Heart Actually

Yunisa KD • Apr 9, 14 • NovelNo Comments

Heart Actually PSA2
If it was love, we should have a fighting spirit to defend it, right?

In life, there is no such coincidence. There is destiny, there are also choices. Love journey can be full of twists and surprises. Many random things are actually connected.

Dani was foretold that he would be a “great man” who will raise his country’s reputation in the eyes of the world. His parents deliberately moved to Singapore so that their children can be global citizen, and one day they will return to their homeland to build Indonesia.

Lupita was born as the youngest in a rich family. She studied overseas, and was attracted to Dani who was 16 years older than her. However, she married Farly, a man of her age, whom she met onboard. Life continues with unpredictable happenings, such as Farly’s death. Will Dani return to Lupita’s life?


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