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GPU40: Amore Gathering Jakarta, 5 Apr 2014

Yunisa KD • Jun 6, 14 • NewsNo Comments

Amore Gathering GPU 40 Jakarta
Sat, 5 April 2014 in JCC Senayan at 9.00-11.00

Sorry, I only update this today. Aside from extremely busy with work, I was having a bad flu for more than 2 weeks, and the photo files were in my husband’s harddisk (I have no idea which one because he had plenty HDDs), so I need to ask him to transfer it to a thumbdrive. And this website server was down for few days…

In short, during GPU event, I was meeting Donna (Primadonna Angela) who telecomuted fromi Bandung, and Rina Suryakusuma. I was being introduced to several GPU writers (see the selfies). But I did not join the full event because I needed to leave earlier for my main agenda why I was in Jakarta 😀

Side note: Because I did not join the luncheon, despite being persuaded by Michelle (GPU editorial secretary), GPU editors thought I was running away to Grasindo’s stand hahhahaha

Photos by Primadonna Angela & Yunisa

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