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Grasindo Talk, Jakarta, 6 Apr 2014

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Because I am too lazy to upload the photos to this website, I uploaded to Google+. Actually on Sunday, 6 April 2014 I had an appointment with Fanti, my editor for #HeartActually, she wanted to have final discussion for the final editing. Suddenly Anin and Fanti asked me to join the Meet & Greet Grasindo Authors. Despite the fact that I only had 1 book published with Grasindo at that point of time: Sepotong Kata Maaf. (Heart Actually was still in final editing stage). I told the audience openly, my books are published by various publishers 😀 And my reason in joining PSA Grasindo is to get my books published faster…

Anyway, from the authors panel, there was one woman who talked long windedly and monopolized the time. The moderator was mad at her and told her not to talk anymore (wow!!!) LOL. Even my sisters who all attended the talkshow and took pictures of this, also felt annoyed. Well, this is an example of “Empty vessels make the most noise”…

There was one author who had a stage fright, so her voice was shaking despite she was giving good answers compared to the talkative woman or the one whose answer “did not please the ears and quite nasty” (according to my sisters).

I answered the questioned quoting Roald Dahl’s advice that writing does need talent- either you have it or you don’t. As a beginner, a writer must have a stable job that pays his/her lifestyle (this is again Roald’s advice). And my standard advice: use Indonesian EYD to help your editor.

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