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#FridayTalk Grasindo #HeartActually, 17 Oct 2014, 19.00 WIB

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Finally Grasindo also held FridayTalk in Twitter yesterday, Friday, 17 October 2014, at 19.00 WIB / 20.00 SGT. There is a quiz to win Heart Actually novel for 2 winners.

For those who has not watched Heart Actually’s book trailer written by @yunisakd , please enjoy it at there will be #FridayTalkQuiz ! πŸ˜‰

Q: Hello, Good evening sis @yunisakd – how are you doing? #FridayTalk

Hello @grasindo_id team, Sg office is now in peak season period, so I have to watch the deadline. And there is annual haze Indonesia #FridayTalk
Next month I also will give birth, so my energy is very limited, @grasindo_id #FridayTalk

@yunisakd wow. Keep your spirit up, sis, hope everything is going smoothly πŸ™‚ Sis Yunisa is currently expecting, #SobatGrasindo #FridayTalk
@yunisakd hope everything is going smoothly, sis:) oke next question yaah #FridayTalk

Q: Sis@yunisakd you have written so many books, is there any special tips or tricks to get inspired?:D #FridayTalk

Tips for @grasindo_id readers who want to be a writer– be diligent in observing what happens around you. #FridayTalk
There are lots of stories waiting to be told πŸ™‚ next, send your manuscript to @grasindo_id #FridayTalk

@yunisakd well #SobatGrasindo you guys get tips from sis Yunisa πŸ˜€ yeah, thank you, sis πŸ™‚ #FridayTalk

Q: Can you give a little sneak on #HeartActually @yunisakd? #FridayTalk
#HeartActually is selected for PSA2 held by @grasindo_id – it is about a love story that is only β€œdestined” when they are old #FridayTalk
#HeartActually @grasindo_id Dani & Lupita lived their own lives maximally before they finally are destined to be together again #FridayTalk

@yunisakd you tell a little bit and it is so interesting. I am now curious hoho :3 congrats for your novel πŸ˜€ #FridayTalk

As the admin of @grasindo_id – you can borrow a copy of #HeartActually from the warehouse or the editor @FGAlexa πŸ˜€ #FridayTalk

@yunisakd hoho, correct, sis, I will borrow a copy later:) oke next question yah kak #FridayTalk

Q: What differentiates #HeartActually from your other novels @yunisakd? #FridayTalk
Hmm, @grasindo_id #HeartActually is a light reading, not as heavy as #SepotongKataMaaf that was selected in PSA1 #FridayTalk
@grasindo_id #HeartActually characters are plenty, cheerful, young at heart. The plot is easy to follow. It was written full of laughter πŸ˜€ #FridayTalk
@grasindo_id #SepotongKataMaaf was written with cursing in tears … #FridayTalk
#HeartActually @grasindo_id is the opposite. I was laughing all the way when writing it. That’s the roller coaster as a novelist #FridayTalk

@yunisakd wah you really put your soul in writing your books hehe πŸ˜€ #FridayTalk

Writing a novel must come from your heart, @grasindo_id “Write from your heart, let your readers feel it.” #FridayTalk

@yunisakd very true, sis! Usually, whatever comes from the heart will be very touching πŸ™‚ #FridayTalk

@grasindo_id Writing from the heart has its own risk. People who disagree will curse us. That’s the job hazard as a novelist #FridayTalk

@yunisakd we must be mentally prepared, sis :’) oke next question ya kak #FridayTalk

Q: What conflict is most emphasized in #HeartActually @yunisakd? #FridayTalk

The conflict in #HeartActually @grasindo_id is internal of the main characters, Dani & Lupita. They respect parents’ view highly #FridayTalk
#HeartActually @grasindo_id There isn’t any parent who like their children marry someone with a big age gap #FridayTalk
#HeartActually @grasindo_id Although Dani & Lupita both like each other, they did not dare to fight for their own feelings #FridayTalk
#HeartActually @grasindo_id With a little sacrifice, at the end Dani & Lupita finally get a good karma. #FridayTalk

@yunisakd oh so they love each other in silence because of the age gap? And it has happy ending? It must be very exciting to read! πŸ˜€ #FridayTalk

#HeartActually @grasindo_id exciting indeed :)if it isn’t, editorial team will not pick this in PSA2 hehehe #FridayTalk

@yunisakd wow, congrats, sis, may you be more successful πŸ™‚ oke next question yah kaaak #FridayTalk

Q: Is there any interesting story when @yunisakd is completing #HeartActually manuscript? #FridayTalk

#HeartActually @grasindo_id was only 30K words. For a novel, ideally it has around 50K words. This manuscript was almost forgotten #FridayTalk
Fortunately @FGAlexa, who later became the editor of #HeartActually @grasindo_id tagged me to join PSA2 #FridayTalk
I worked on #HeartActually @grasindo_id again during 2.5-week holiday in the UK #FridayTalk
@grasindo_id UK people are very nice, friendly, caring, gentle. They create good mood πŸ™‚ #FridayTalk
Because of this good mood, the process to lengthen #HeartActually @grasindo_id was very smooth #FridayTalk
However after I re-read the script, I felt that the antagonist in #HeartActually @grasindo_id is still lacking #FridayTalk
Then I remember a real girl who is very corrupt, so I put her into ke #HeartActually @grasindo_id #FridayTalk
The most corrupt character in #HeartActually @grasindo_id actually is planned to be the main antagonist in other work πŸ™‚ #FridayTalk
And my purpose in writing that particular antagonist is for us to keep Indonesian values although we stay overseas @grasindo_id #FridayTalk
We shall not tempted by a temporary pleasure @grasindo_id #FridayTalk

@yunisakd wow, you still will not forget and we shall not forget Indonesia πŸ™‚ #FridayTalk

Q: Your novel @yunisakd titled Sepotong Kata Maaf – the royalty 100% royalti is for Indonesian Red Cross? Can you tell us a little bit? πŸ™‚ #FridayTalk
#SepotongKataMaaf @grasindo_id was selected in PSA1, it was also discussed in previous #FridayTalk
#SepotongKataMaaf @grasindo_id is my first philanthropic novel, so purchasing this novel = donating @RedCross_ID #FridayTalk
Info on #SepotongKataMaaf @grasindo_id can be read in #FridayTalk

Q: Why #SobatGrasindo must read #HeartActually @yunisakd? the stage is yours πŸ˜€ #FridayTalk
The main character in #HeartActually @grasindo_id is inspired by Indonesian people who go global & I know them personally #FridayTalk
#HeartActually @grasindo_id 3 doctors: Dr Budiono Santoso @bs2751950, Dr Dede Selamat Sutedja, and Prof Erning Wihardjo. #FridayTalk
Cover #HeartActually @grasindo_id is inspired by Bleeding Heart flower by Janto Marzuki in Sweden #FridayTalk
I want to show to the readers of #HeartActually @grasindo_id that there is plenty successful Indonesian in global word & they still love Indonesia #FridayTalk
#HeartActually @grasindo_id E.g., Prof Erning & Dr Budiono Santoso @bs2751950 retired and went back to Indonesia to actively enhance our country #FridayTalk
Hopefully these global personalities can inspire the readers of #HeartActually @grasindo_id as a younger generation #FridayTalk

@yunisakd Amen, sis, wow you are so inspiring yah #SobatGrasindo #FridayTalk

Q: Last question, sis, what is the true message you want to deliver @yunisakd through #HeartActually? #FridayTalk

Hopefully the readers of #HeartActually @grasindo_id stay spirited to reach a global achievement as high as possible -#FridayTalk
While young, there is no need to think so much about love <3 Focus in your achievement like Dani & Lupita #HeartActually @grasindo_id #FridayTalk The readers of #HeartActually @grasindo_id can learn from Dani & Lupita, that everything will be beautiful in its own time #FridayTalk #HeartActually @grasindo_id God’s timing is different from human’s. So, focus in maximizing your effort #FridayTalk #HeartActually @grasindo_id Make the world know about Indonesia in the areas you are specialized in. #FridayTalk @yunisakd wow, a very motivating message from sis Yunisa πŸ˜€ thank you sis πŸ™‚ #FridayTalk Okay, this is the end of #FridayTalk with sis @yunisakd tonight, thank you so much for your time, sis. All the best! πŸ˜€ amen... You're most welcome, admin @grasindo_id for #FridayTalk this time around FridayTalkQuiz #HeartActually
Come on, guys, join #FridayTalkQuiz #HeartActually written by @yunisakd , there are 2 free novels for the lucky you! πŸ™‚

1. #FridayTalkQuiz And follow twitter @grasindo_id and the writer of #HeartActually @yunisakd πŸ™‚
2. Mention your answer to @grasindo_id and @yunisakd with hashtag #FridayTalkQuiz #KuisHeartActually
3. Quiz will end on Friday (24/10) at 17.00 WIB πŸ˜€ #FridayTalkQuiz #KuisHeartActually
4. #FridayTalkQuiz 2 lucky winners will get a Grasindo novel each πŸ˜€ #KuisHeartActually

Okay good luck #SobatGrasindo good night & have a good rest everybody πŸ˜€ #FridayTalkQuiz #KuisHeartActually

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