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TVibe: Not a nice company?

Yunisa KD • May 25, 17 • ScribblesNo Comments

There are lots of decent sentences to utter “shock” when someone, professionally, has a much higher rates that what your company can offer, even when you discuss it internally. For example:

  • Uh, this is out of our range.
  • Ouch, this is too expensive.
  • We cannot afford this.

But guess what I heard from Anthony Shang, then the TVibe’s Director of Global Operations – based in Singapore – which I assumed was intended to his two colleagues in UK:

 “She is crazy.”

And to top it out, he sent it directly to me, not to his two colleagues. He tried to recall his e-mail (11:57) after I sent a protest to his two UK colleagues (11:44), before finally decided that I do deserve an apology (12:16).

As someone who has years of world-class experience, working professionally in this writing/translation world – I can guess people’s personality by the way they write. Punctuation, grammar are not an indicator. The writing tone, the words they choose to articulate, are the keys. Not about fancy words, sincere and easy-to-understand words are best.

When you can’t write something decent/polite about someone you do not know (especially professionally), oh well, you are just not a nice person.

When the boss is not nice, the company is not a good environment to work with, even remotely. CMIWW.

Do browse translation forum to know more about subtitling rates, Anthony, to know who is the crazy one here.

PS: This is not about be careful before hitting the “reply” or “reply all” button, this is about ethics, decent expressions.



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