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Sumber Inspirasi Saat Jenuh

Yunisa KD • Apr 23, 21 • ScribblesNo Comments

Jenuh? Biasanya karena burntout kerja. Apalagi bruk, bruk, files setumpuk.

Solusinya: ke dapur, baking, masak, atau cuci piring. Aneh ya? There is something theurapeutics about doing kitchen works.

But if husband is cooking (steak or meat-related) and he seldom cleans it up, I will get fed up despite the usual cleaner will come the day after. For me, clean stoves and worktop are non-negotiable. Because if I suddenly have the urge to bake/make pancakes, I need my space in the kitchen 🤣

Panci legendaris sebagai Dutch oven

Tadi anak tanya apa aku mau meng-komersial-kan baking/cooking dan kujawab nanti kujual ke cucu untuk setor pipi 🥰 I can visualize myself, old and baking like Grandma Pig in Peppa Pig 😎 or Mary Berry or even Prue Leith in the Great British Bake Off.


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