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foto profilYunisa has a very long name, such that her Junior High Physics teacher commented that her name contained the whole neighbourhood’s names. KD is her middle name, stands for Kusuma (=Flower) Dewi (=Goddess).

Yunisa is raised as the eldest child as her elder twin sisters passed away before she could remember them. Her three younger sisters are her source of inspiration in writing novels. The first 18 years of her life, Yunisa lived in Yogyakarta, a small town in Central Java, Indonesia, where she was known of her consistently excellent academic performance. Feeling lack of challenges, she decided to go international and got her first taste of international study in National University of Singapore, majoring in Applied Mathematics. She then pursued MBA from The University of Newcastle, Australia, and still hopeful to obtain a PhD in the future.

She has long been passionate about writing and Indonesian language. She released her first novel Sakura Bersemi in Yokohama (Cherry Blossoms in Yokohama) back in 2006 while honing her skills through her editor job in a leading research company. It was a great hit, and was selected as Top 5 Finalist for Pantene Shine Award 2006 in Singapore. Unfortunately, the publisher went bankrupt, so she released her next novel, Sydney Darling Harbour in 2008 by another publisher from her hometown, Cupid. Similar to her first novel, the publishing right of her second novel has also been released to be re-published under different publishers in the future.

At the same time back in 2008, she released a trilogy, telling the life story of a talented girl called Nana and her adventure from Junior High School to her University days. The trilogy, called Schoolaholic Princess, were published by Sheila, the fiction division of Andi Offset. The trilogy earned her a place among teenagers, but surprisingly she gained some fans from the older generations too. Next, Gramedia Pustaka Utama, the biggest publisher in Indonesia published her latest duology Memory and Destiny (2010) and Obsesi dan Deja vu (2013), the love stories of two sisters, Maroon and Olivia.

Sepotong Kata Maaf (Grasindo, 2013) – was chosen as editor’s choice in PSA (Publisher Seeking Authors) competition held by Grasindo of Kompas-Gramedia Group. This is Yunisa’s first philantrophic novel whose 100% royalty is for Indonesian Red Cross. Joining PSA2, Heart Actually is also chosen to be published by Grasindo, 2014.

After working at a giant Internet US MNC in Singapore for a couple of years, Yunisa decides to focus on her Indonesian localization company while pursuing many other things.

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