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Sending # SepotongKataMaaf to Sastra Wijaya of ABC

Yunisa KD • Nov 26, 15 • CoretanTidak ada Komentar
Screenshot FB Sastra Wijaya

Screenshot FB Sastra Wijaya

Life is full of pleasant surprises. I got few new “Facebook friends” around the world who are all very charming and well-respected from belated Pak Harry Suhartanto. We were tagged by him on one of his Easter/Christmas greetings or because I wrote a tribute for him when I was in London 2013. I am not a type of person who easily adds strangers to my Facebook friends list… So they were the ones who added me. Mind you, they are all as senior as Pak Harry. Despite he has passed away, Pak Harry still left me his legacy of his friendships with these new friends.

Om Sastra was working with Pak Harry in BBC, London. When my husband pulled me and our kids to join him for 2 months in Melbourne, I contacted Om Sastra who is now working for ABC. I remember that Pak Harry always encouraged me to bring my novels and present them to his contacts. (Well, he said that he really wanted to be my PR haha).

Australia Post is as fast as Singapore Post. That is something that Pos Indonesia needs to learn from. Yes, the postage is much more expensive here in Australia compared to in Singapore, but the delivery speed is top notched.

Terima kasih Yunisa KD atas kiriman bukunya: Sepotong Kata Maaf terbitan tahun 2013. Yang menarik adalah bahwa 100…

Posted by Sastra Wijaya on Wednesday, October 28, 2015


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