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A letter to CEO

Yunisa KD • Jan 3, 19 • Berita, CoretanTidak ada Komentar


Dear CEO Reinhard and Compliance team:

I have not heard anything from you, not even an auto acknowledgment email.

The year has changed to 2019. A hundred days has passed since I sent my first email to your email address as Infineon CEO, and I have been searching for your email since January 2013. Until justice is served, I will not stop writing about this.

Immoral and unethical conduct is no small matter. Your ignorance is not a bliss. Just because your staff-in-question is a relatively low ranked manager now (unlike Ogilvy’s Tham Khai Meng), you as a CEO and your Compliance team simply close your eyes and ears with her misconduct. You did not care at all the physical and psychological effects caused by your staff to me, then a heavily pregnant first time mother.

Up to this day 3 January 2019, I still conclude that:

  1. Infineon only cares if the incidents happen inside the company and affecting your customers, and NOT to public.
  2. Infineon ignores (Singlish term: bochap) the reports from any member of the public and protects Infineon’s own staff despite that particular staff committed immoral and unethical conduct outside the company.

As we all know, Albert Einsten was born in Germany, but Infineon as a German company did not share the same perspective as him, is that so?
FYI, other companies would have let go the employee-in-question instead of giving her promotion.

This serves as a second reminder that this email still needs a reply.

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