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Oh Hokkien Mee

Yunisa KD • Jan 7, 19 • Coretan, Ulasan KulinerTidak ada Komentar

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I used to not liking Hokkien Mee. Why does it mix yellow and white noodles? I was wondering why my late grandma often ordered it during her visit.

But then, at my first full time job, there was this small hawker center near Bukit Batok McD that had a very long queue for Hokkien Mee and it did taste yummy. It was my Friday lunch for about a year.

Post first job, still in the early 21st century, my cousin who lived near Bidadari Cemetery bought us delicious packets of Hokkien Mee. She said it was one of the most delicious Hokkien Mee in Singapore and I agree.

Hokkien Mee

After that, no longer willing to travel for food, I found Wisma Atria’s 4th level food court Hokkien Mee is quite good. Until…

It went for renovation.

God knows. It is no longer delicious.

“I thought you remember, I’ve da-bao this for us last time and it is no longer the same stall operator,” hubby said.

Good Lord, I forgot. Oh Food Republic’s Hokkien Mee, I no longer desire thee.


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