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What if…

Yunisa KD • Jan 13, 19 • CoretanTidak ada Komentar


What if scenario was taught in my MBA class. Well, it is useful when you apply “what if” to anticipate something, and you will have to think systematically. If Scenario A happens, you will do A, scenario B with action plan B, and so on.

However, what-if scenarios only cause you giant regret, trauma, sadness, and all the suffering in psychological term when you apply “what if” to what has happened in the past.

What if I did not move and let him get closer? Will he kiss me?

Probably. It felt like a test/tease though.

What if I let him kiss me?

You would have been extremely unhappy.

As you say it yourself, first kiss is too overrated. You feel true love when your toddler son kiss you wholeheartedly.

And given that your no-response policy has triggered his curiosity even years have passed and both of you are married with kids to other people… You won because of your clear conscience. Congratulations.

What if I never let Janie Tan follow me to my apartment?

I know the answer myself. I would have reached your fuller potential and create something world class, and impress future in-laws so that I could have married my wife sooner. I would never be blinded with bad sex. Go to hell, you sundel Janie Tan.


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