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Not every pork dimsum is nice

Yunisa KD • Jan 22, 19 • Coretan, Ulasan KulinerTidak ada Komentar




My rule of thumb for eating Chinese food is whether it is halal or not. Normally, non-halal will taste best.

Dimsum in general is best in Hong Kong, and quite good in Singapore. Dumpling is best in Taiwan.

However, this Red Star dimsum is always disappointing. It is not cheap either. I was fed up as that was perhaps the 4th time and my husband always reasoned his uncle likes Red Star.

I said to my husband: next time if your extended family is inviting us and we are paying for all as always, I will be the one who decide what and where we are going to eat, NOT THEM. Gak rela banget bayar mahal harga Singapore untuk dimsum kelas pasar basah di Indo. One star from me, Red Star. Not worth the calories and money.


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