Antara kamu, Yunisa KD, dan novel-novelnya

4 March

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Today is my parents’ wedding anniversary.

And the day my two teachers passed away. Bu Kin, my Javanese language teacher in Junior High… the one that I scored perfect ten once in the whole 3 years she taught me. And then the handsome Pak Ganjar, one of my Physics teachers and he was my homeroom teacher in my final year of Senior High.

Well, the two teachers were very good, although they were not my most favorite (Pak Pram still tops my forever list). I did not really fancy the subject – Jawa krama inggil (marai mumet), and I actually prefer Pak Oni (Pak AntONIus) a.k.a “benda hitam sempurna” more for Senior High Physics.

Well, for multiple teachers in a subject, I am very particular in picking my favorite. I respect them all, but I still had my own favorites – who taught clearly without me reading the textbooks on my own, understood my question before I asked them about it, can predict national exam questions (meraba soal). In short, they were passionate and expert in their chosen subjects.

The age of my so-called favorite teachers vary from a very young IKIP fresh graduate – Bu Dewi Kunthi for Economic to a very senior teacher – Bu Dien of PPKn who was disliked by many due to her extremely soft voice.

I was amazed by social phenomenon in all-girls high school – even a married Pak Ganjar still had his own fans club. Yes, he had a nice smile, good looking, friendly. His social phenomenon taught me more of life lessons than Physics I learnt from him. I did more Physics self-study, but well, he was much better than the half Dutch female teacher. I am being not nice here, writing about all now RIP teachers.

Hmm, speaking of which, another popular English teacher in Junior High RIP few years ago – he was good and he lost a bet to me, so he walked his talk by giving me perfect 10 in my Junior High certificate. Well, I respected him for keeping his promise. But he was not my favorite English teacher. I had an ex stewardess, Bu Maggie as my favorite EN teacher of all time because she suggested me to memorize idioms and proverbs. She taught me how to pronounce fancy EN words coming from French.

Then there were a nun and a pair of father-daughter EN teachers in Senior High. I chose the daughter, LOL. Young and more passionate in teaching. My second most favorite EN teacher was Chinese (darn, I always forgot Chinese name except Advanced Calculus Prof Goh Say Song) in NUS second year, this lady forced me to re-write my essays 5 times! She did not have good pronunciation, but she had the power to fire up my writing skills.

OK, the RIP EN teacher in Junior High had a big brother who taught history in Senior High. Apparently they came from teachers family background? I dislike the big brother more. He did not score fair – everyone got 7 or 8. No nine at all, and he never taught anything, perhaps being obese made him lazy. You have to read and memorize all on the books. No clues at all. Remember, I come from no Internet, no Google era.

Sorry, I know you are dead, but I really, really had a hard time self studying for regional exam. I almost gave up when seeing 67 as my score on the school board. It was my worst score of all subjects ever! But 67 was the highest at school! Can you believe that??? I score perfect 100 in math exam, in which Bu Ina wrote in a very small font 🤭

Well, all beings will die. Semua makhluk hidup akhirnya akan mati. This was what I taught my kids when the two gold fish from field trip died. So farewell for now Bu Kin & Pak Ganjar. You two will meet Pak Eko, Pak Frans, Bu Retno, and my favorite teachers who have passed away first: Pak Pram and Pak Sudi…

PS: I went to Catholic schools, so most of the teachers are Catholic and we believe in afterlife in Christ.

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