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I decide to post this on Lunar New Year. Remembering you always asked us to eat meesua with egg every Sincia at your home.

22 Dec is Indonesian mother’s day.

I was not feeling well after catching flu from my eldest child. I was just going back to parents-in-law’s house when my sister messaged that your condition suddenly dropped and you were rushed to the hospital.

My mom must be much sadder than me as she witnessed the passing of my paternal grandma 11 years earlier and now, her own mother. The same cardiac arrest verdict.

This post I wrote on that day, remembering how you and grandpa always called me “Ni-a” from “Yunia”. Nobody else called me like that. Perhaps similar to you, grandma. Only greatgrandma and your elder sister called you “Mo-i”. I did not remember how grandpa called you. My usually good memory failed to record the interaction between the two of you.

My sister and I were “monopolized” by our paternal grandma over the weekend. So you and grandpa always came on weekdays. On our school days, which meant by 8pm we had to sleep.

I always looked forward to you and grandpa’s visit because you will tell my sister and me various bedtime stories.

And you always brought satay – one of my still favorite food.

I remember all your stories during Japanese occupation, you had to sing Kimigayo, and your very long hair and how you managed to create intricated buns…

Grade 1 ~ And then grandpa passed away… I remember my other grandma’s driver picked us up from school, sent us to change clothes at home and sent us to PUKY where everyone was crying.

After that, you seldom came and stopped telling us bedtime stories. And when I asked mom why Emak kok gak datang lagi? Mom gave an unclear answer.

(You must have been grieving so much).

When you finally came, you told me this story: there are two people. One is always sleeping, and one is always eating. Which one do you prefer?

Little did I know that it was a question asked because you were depressed. I realize this when I was depressed myself.

I answered you: I prefer the one who keeps eating. Because if there is an earthquake, I can run and save myself.

You were silent for a while but you acknowledged that my answer is smart?

Grade 3 ~ Suddenly, you always brought Bible and a notebook when visiting.

You asked me to tell you Bible stories instead and showed you where you can find it. You were eager to learn and could not wait the following week?

I protested why now I am the storyteller, and you said because I go to Sunday School and you can’t attend Sunday School at your age.

You became so active in church – morning prayer/biston, choir, women congregation, visitation, golden age congregation, cell group, etc. I was amazed and very proud – Now I think my other grandma is a bit jealous whenever I was super excited seeing you perform in the choir.

You even say grace when I brought you a glass of water. “Tuhan, terima kasih, cucuku sudah pintar membawakan minum.”

I am still impressed by that.

You always pray for all your descendants, remember our birthdays… very organized without any electronic helps. I don’t think anyone can beat that record.

You always sent me back to Singapore with cashew nuts, sweet emping, and abon until I did not like them anymore.

Even 30+ years later, you still jot down the sermon, read Bible everyday…

On my wedding day, you told my husband to take care of me.

And you called my son in Javanese (which he does not really grasp), “cah bagus” – handsome boy. He was sad and cried when I said you had passed away.

You practiced self-lifelong learning, and that is something I never see in other elderly of your age or even younger generation. You lived an examplary life your whole life.

Thank you grandma for all the beautiful memories, for all the good genes and the good spirit. You will always be in my heart.

Mak Hayung with me, Kong Hayung with my sis on my 2nd birthday


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