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Friends Forever

Yunisa KD • Aug 14, 23 • CoretanTidak ada Komentar

Well, in general, if I am friends with someone, I am prepared to be friends for life. However, if this friend does not show concern when I need some moral support, I would know that this friend is not worth keeping. I will let that friend slide off my life.

I do not demand my friends to tell their woes, but I am ready to listen whenever they want to share. Everyone has different coping mechanism. Sometimes we just need a listening ear and an honest assessment.

I can’t imagine what you are going through as I have no similar experience. I admire your faith in these turbulent circumstances. If there is anything that is within my power to help you, just let me know — this is extremely comforting for me because I know it is not a lip service.

Yunisa, I’ve been in your situation. A mother is a pillar for her family. You have to be strong. I will pray for you.

There are certain expectations to be met in my definition of friendship. You must be a good person. You must be honest and sincere. We have to share similar moral values. A friend has to be brave enough to warn as I will also do the same. A friend has to keep in mind my wellbeing as I would also do the same.

Honesty is the best policy. It’s not like Lisa Hismantok aka ganjen who claimed to be a friend, but she did not warn that she unplannedly met with Janie Tan and her date/other boyfriend in a restaurant. Lisa only thinks of her own advantages. Very political. Never sincere.

Relaying information, how painful it seems to be, will benefit your friend in a long term perspective. Witholding information is just plain wrong. Menjerumuskan. The decision is still with your friend. But you have give your friend the power to decide. Information is power. Quality friends matter.

Thank you Lord Jesus for giving me good people to be my friends.

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